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Producing Sauna Hats Since 2003

About US

Since 2003

We Deliver 100% Wool Felt Sauna Hats

For many years we’ve been working with companies from the USA and Canada, that specialize in selling accessories for sauna. We’ve also been working with hotels and SPA centers in Europe.

Our hats for bath are made from 100% natural sheep wool and they will help you get the real pleasure from the healing bath heat!

After all, the sheep wool contains a special substance – lanolin, due to which wool fibers have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory features.

Influencing the receptors of the skin, wool fiber accelerates the recovery of the cells, carry out a micro-massage, which leads to increasing of blood microcirculation.

Such a hat will be an original and practical gift for bath and sauna lovers.

We make hats for everyone who likes bath and sauna.

Most of the designs are universal and suitable for everyone. Take a look, choose, and order.

You will be satisfied with the quality of our products. We work to ensure that you get the true pleasure from visiting bath and sauna.

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